Mom-Owned Organic Baby Clothes Brands You Need to Know

Parents love organic baby clothes, especially those that come from mom-owned businesses. There is something so rewarding about buying from a baby brand that came from the mind of a fellow parent. Especially one that has been through the same purchasing decisions that you are going through now. 

March is Women's History Month. So, we want to highlight several mom-owned brands that make organic, stylish, and comfortable baby clothes.

Organic Baby Clothes Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Many brands have entered the organic baby clothes market in the last few years. Unsurprisingly, many of these are founded by moms who couldn't find the kind of products they knew babies (and parents) deserved. Here are the organic baby brands you should have on your wishlist.

Beau Hudson

Organic baby clothes from Beau Hudson

Beau Hudson is the brainchild of parents Sash and Roscoe Deacon, a couple with three beautiful sons. This popular Australian family fashion brand started from humble beginnings. It has since grown into a multi-million dollar clothing brand loved by families worldwide. 

Sash founded Beau Hudson in 2013 as a creative pursuit that combined her love for fashion and family. She (and a part-time local sewer) started by designing baby accessories at the family's dining table. Over the years, the brand expanded to include a range of organic kids' clothes that is simplistic yet bold and trendy. Beau Hudson is committed to designing stylish, comfortable, and high-quality products. 

The Distressed Demin Jacket is a current Beau Hudson favourite at Luca Elle. A classic yet fun oversized silhouette, this kids' jacket is available in sizes ranging from 6 months to 4 years.


Baby wearing a genuine leather CIALA CO head bow

CIALA CO is another fabulous mom-owned baby clothing brand specializing in hair accessories. Founded by a mother of two beautiful daughters, this brand designs modern and simplistic hair bows made of 100% genuine leather. Beautifully soft and expertly made, CIALA CO's vision is to provide parents with durable and sustainable hair accessories to complete their own daughter's outfits. 

Our baby Luca is a big fan of CIALA CO's head bows and hair accessories. A particular favourite of ours is the Mini Carina Bow. Perfect for newborns, this accessory is the ideal finishing touch to any outfit. Available in a selection of cute colours and styles.  


 A baby wearing organic baby sleepwear by Goumi

Created by a team of new moms, Linsey Fuller and Lili Yeo, Goumi was born out of a conversation about baby clothes around a kitchen table over 10 years ago. After not being able to find products that they loved, these mompreneurs decided to create a brand that provided parents with organic baby clothes that were beautiful and sustainable. 

This eco-conscious mom duo offers a line of products, including mitts, booties, baby bonnets, onesies, and pajamas. We can't get enough of Goumi's Thermal Bamboo Organic Footie here at Luca Elle. Made out of a bamboo cotton blend, this baby onesie is breathable, super soft, and extra adorable. 


A baby wearing organic baby sleepwear by Gunamuna

Gunamuna is another small, mom-founded company created after a group of tired moms were unhappy with the quality of baby sleepwear on the market. So they decided to fix the problem themselves. The company believes that the words' easy' and 'comfortable' should go hand-in-hand with baby clothes. 

This group of mompreneurs design baby sleepwear and pajamas that promote comfort-induced sleep and make late-night diaper changes a breeze. Their collection of luxury sleepwear is loved by families all across the world. The Gunamuna Gown is just one example of the gorgeously soft baby products they design, thanks to its soft and silky bamboo material. 

Luca Elle

A baby wearing an organic cotton Luca Elle romper

Luca Elle Boutique is also a mom-owned brand passionate about creating and cultivating wardrobe staples for babies and children that are timeless and comfortable. After finding out that I was expecting, I decided to create a job that would allow me to spend time with my newborn and work at something I am passionate about. 

The idea for Luca Elle Boutique was then born. I now spend quality time with my children each day while designing unique baby clothing and championing other organic baby clothes brands. The Luca Elle collection prioritizes your baby's comfort. You'll find plenty of everyday pieces that your child can wear year-round, from soft baby rompers to ultra-cool baby accessories.

Mebie Baby

A baby wearing a ruffled floral bodysuit

Mebie Baby is a gorgeous organic baby clothes brand from a small town in Utah. The brand was founded by Audrey, a mom looking for modern baby clothes at an affordable price. When she couldn't find these products herself, she decided to design her own simple yet beautiful collection of baby essentials. You will find baby swaddle blankets, rompers, crib sheets, and more. 

Luca Elle Boutique has been a fan of this mom-owned brand for a long time. These baby basics are perfect for everyday use and will never go out of style. A particular favourite of ours is the Cream Floral Ruffle Dress. Made with organic cotton, this dress is soft and lightweight, perfect for the spring and summer months. 

Why Parents Should Consider Organic Baby Clothes

Why should parents even consider buying organic baby clothes? You'll probably have heard the term "organic" mentioned when purchasing baby products. No, this isn't just a passing trend. Organic cotton baby clothes offer multiple benefits to you, your baby, and the environment. 

Many parents (especially us Millennials) are hyper-aware of what they put into their child's belly and onto their skin. You read the ingredients listed on the side of a baby shampoo before you buy it, don't you? Baby clothes should be no different. Large baby brands often use synthetic materials, especially when mass-producing. Yet, synthetic materials can be highly harmful to babies. 

Babies' skin is delicate and sensitive. It is approximately 30% thinner than adults' skin, meaning it can easily absorb chemicals. Synthetic materials contain PVC, esters, and petrochemicals that cause behaviour issues, hormonal disorders, and immune disorders. 

Baby clothes made from organic cotton are entirely natural and provide excellent breathability meaning your child's skin won't get irritated. That's why many parents prefer buying organic cotton baby clothes for their little ones to sleep and explore in. 

Supporting Mom-Owned Businesses and Baby Brands

As a mom-founded brand, we will always be a champion of other mompreneurs striving to create organic baby products that are sustainable, affordable, and stylish. Browse our selection of organic baby clothes and accessories online today at Luca Elle Boutique to support our fellow mom-owned baby brands.

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