Sleepwear for Babies: Why Organic Cotton is Best For Newborn Skin

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Baby sleepwear should be soft and kind to a baby’s skin. Many newborns can have dry, sensitive skin after birth and without the right clothing, their skin becomes irritated and sore. Our baby had baby eczema which put us on the search for the most natural baby pj’s and sleepwear we could find. Below, we discuss why organic cotton is the best material choice for sleepwear and share our favourite newborn pajamas.

Baby Sleepwear: Organic Cotton is Best

As parents you always want your baby to drift off to sleep easily and carefree. While they won’t sleep through the night immediately, having irritated skin is one thing you don’t want them to lose sleep over. 

Given that babies have sensitive skin, parents need to be mindful of the material that baby clothes and sleepwear are made with. Any synthetic materials like polyester should be avoided at all costs as they contain harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. 

Organic cotton is the safest material choice for baby sleepwear. No pesticides or harmful chemicals are used during the growing and manufacturing phases of this material. Additionally, all the fibres that you find in organic cotton are 100% natural, breathable, and durable. Organic cotton is quickly becoming the favoured choice for baby pajamas, rompers, sleep bags and more. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits that organic cotton can offer you and your babe. 

The Benefits of Organic Cotton For Baby and Mama

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Healthier for Baby’s Skin

Everybody loves the feel of cotton on their skin. Yet, knowing that the material your baby is dozing off in is 100% chemical-free provides an added level of peace of mind. Organic cotton is the closet baby sleepwear material to mimic your baby’s skin. It is extremely breathable and its fibres naturally protect your baby’s skin. 

Newborn pajamas made with this material are known for lowering the frequency of skin breakouts and irritations. The material also easily adapts to season changes to keep your baby’s body at a healthy temperature. For example, organic cotton’s weave means it can easily wick away moisture during summer and retain warmth during the winter. 


Buying organic cotton baby pajamas and sleepwear is not only a great choice for your family but also for the environment. The farming methods used to produce organic cotton use less water and energy than other materials. It also produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions

This puts less stress on nature and also means that you are reducing your and your family’s carbon footprint. A win-win situation in our eyes. 

Strong and Durable

As we all know, during the newborn stage baby clothes and sleepwear gets washed multiple times a week. Sometimes multiple times a day. As a mama, you’ll want to make sure that the material of your baby’s pajamas can withstand wear and tear. 

The good news is that organic cotton is just as strong and durable as regular cotton. Many mamas find that these clothing items stay looking newer for longer. So no fear of your baby’s sleepwear looking shabby or ragged after a few washes.

Soft and Cozy: Browse Our Baby Sleepwear Selection

Organic cotton sleepwear is great for your babies even after the newborn stage. Below are some of our favourite organic items to help a baby drift off to sleep in comfort. For more options, browse our baby sleepwear collection today.

Mebie Baby - Dusty Rose Organic Cotton Ribbed Footed Zipper One-Piece

baby in mebie baby sleeper
This footed baby sleeper is made from 95% organic cotton and features a useful zipper to make diaper changes a lot easier! Available in a range of sizes and colours, this is the perfect baby pj’s for a good night of sleep. 

Goumi Kids - Organic Sleep & Play Footie

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This organic baby pajama is breathable, versatile, and great for babies with sensitive skin. Featuring a two-way zipper and an added bum flap, this is great for those late-night diaper changes. 

Made from a mixture of organic cotton and bamboo, this sleepwear option is hypoallergenic and utterly adorable. Buy the Goumi Kids Organic Sleep & Play Footie online.

Colored Organics - Skylar Footed Sleeper

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This lightweight footed sleeper is made from 100% organic cotton. It is a favourite of many mamas looking for the best baby sleepwear on the market. 

Sustainable, breathable, and offering maximum levels of cuteness, this is a great newborn pajamas option. Order the Colored Organics Skylar Footed Sleeper online today.

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