Baby Bonnets: Keep Your Newborn Cozy This Winter

An image of a baby wearing a knitted baby bonnet


We know how important it is to keep babies warm and cozy during the winter months - especially when their little head is involved. Whether you are looking for headwear that your newborn can wear on the way home from the hospital or this is your child’s first winter season, baby bonnets are a great way to keep them snug. 

Below, we will discuss the best baby bonnets and newborn hats that parents should have as part of their baby’s winter closet.

What Are the Benefits of a Baby Bonnet

Baby bonnets are more than just adorable accessories for your little one (although can we take a moment to appreciate how cute they are). This type of newborn baby hat has been used for decades and is versatile enough to go with any of your baby’s outfits. 

One of the most noticeable benefits of baby hats and bonnets is the fact that they provide warmth and cushioning. The skin on your baby’s head is so sensitive in the first few months of their lives that it needs to be protected from all harsh weather conditions (e.g. snow and rain), making it a must in Canada. 

Similar to how we protect our heads during colder temperatures, a baby bonnet will help to regulate your baby’s temperature when you are going on family winter adventures. Additionally, all baby bonnets are designed with a ribbon or string that ties at the chin. This will ensure that the bonnet doesn’t slip or fall off during any activities. 

These accessories are adjustable and provide a comfortable fit for your baby’s head. Remember parents, make sure that you don’t tie the baby bonnet too tight or too loose. It should be snug enough on your child’s head while also giving them freedom of movement. 

Baby Bonnets & Newborn Hats: A Lookbook

An image of a baby wearing the Snowdrift pom bonnet


Now that you know the benefits, let’s take a look at some of the various styles of newborn hats and baby bonnets you can buy online as part of Luca Elle's accessory collection

Ivory & Camel Pom Bonnet

An image of a boy wearing the Ivory Pom Bonnet

This beautiful ivory baby bonnet is made using high-quality wool and is lined with ultra-soft, 100% cotton. Featuring an attractive alpaca yarn pom pom, this neutral bonnet will go with every outfit and occasion. Available in sizes ranging from newborn to four years old, this baby bonnet can easily become a family heirloom that can be passed down to your children and theirs. 

Shop the Briar Baby Ivory Pom Bonnet. Also available in the colour camel

Snowdrift Pom Bonnet

An image of a baby girl wearing the Briar Baby Snowdrift Pom Bonnet

This wool newborn hat is designed using a whimsical and beautiful multi-coloured confetti pattern in neutral shades of cream and white. With a Peruvian sourced pom pom, this baby bonnet is ideal for those colder months when your baby needs extra warmth to stay cozy and comfortable. 

Shop the Briar Baby Snowdrift Pom Bonnet

Oatmeal Knit Bonnet

An image of the Oatmeal Knit Bonnet

This gorgeous knit bonnet, available in an oatmeal and cream colour, offers a wool and acrylic blend to keep your baby’s head warm even in the coldest of Canadian snowstorms (Note: We don’t advise that you and your baby get stuck outside in a snowstorm. But, that is how cozy this baby bonnet is)! 

The chunky knit weave adds a comfy and yet luxurious look and feel to this baby hat that is suitable for newborns and toddlers. Shop the Loops and Things Oatmeal Knit Bonnet.

Newborn Baby Hats: Explore Luca Elle’s Curated Collection of Baby Hats & Headwear 

For our baby, we never leave the house during the winter months without making sure that she’s wearing a baby bonnet or hat. At Luca Elle Boutique, we are happy to carry a collection of baby hats and headwear brands from some of the best on the market including Mebie Baby and Briar Baby

Yet, that’s not to say that these accessories are only suitable for wearing in the cold weather. They also double up as great protection from the sun or as the perfect way to complete a baby’s going home outfit from the hospital (we are particularly fond of the Mebie Baby Knot Hats). 

Explore our collection of baby bonnets and headwear today.

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