Make Your Own Newborn Gift Basket

An image of a baby looking comfortable in a baby bonnet, sleepwear, and blanket


Welcoming a new addition to the extended family or friend group? If so, putting together a thoughtful newborn gift basket is one of the nicest things that a parent can receive from a sibling or friend. Below, we will talk about which items should be included in a gift basket for a newborn baby. 

Newborn Baby Gifts: Why Parents Love Gift Baskets 

The newborn stage is a wonderful and fulfilling time but it can also be a whirlwind for parents. Going from a 9-month long pregnancy into multiple late-night feeds can be utterly exhausting. That’s why if you are currently looking for baby gift ideas, putting together a newborn gift basket is one of the most practical things that you can do for new parents. 

A gift basket full of all the items that baby and parents will need in those first few weeks or months after they get home from the hospital can be a lifesaver - not to mention thoughtful too. Items from diapers to teethers are all necessary for newborns. Including these essentials among some other nice surprises will make for a truly heartfelt gift. 

After all, the gifts that we loved the most when our baby was born were those that had a lot of thought put into them. Remember, newborn baby gifts don’t have to be elaborate or over the top. Even the simplest of gift baskets will make a big difference when welcoming a new baby into your life. 

What Items Should I Include in a Newborn Gift Basket?

Not sure what a newborn baby might need? You’re not alone. Putting together a baby gift basket may seem a little daunting if you have never done it before but as we mentioned even the simplest of items will be appreciated by new parents. 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top items that will make any newborn gift basket extra special. 


An image of a baby wearing sleepwear available on Luca Elle's online store


All babies need something cozy and soft to sleep in, right? There are adorable sleepwear options available on the market that are not only functional but kind to baby’s skin as well. When picking sleepwear to include in a newborn baby gift basket, always make sure that it is made using natural materials such as organic cotton or bamboo.  

Our babe, Luca, has baby eczema and her skin is sensitive to materials. That’s why we make sure to stock organic cotton options for baby sleepwear and clothing in our shop. 

Here at Luca Elle Boutique, we stock many great baby brands such as Mebie Baby, Goumi, and Gunamuna. Check out our baby sleepwear collection today. 


An image of a baby wearing a Gunamuna romper


Is there anything cuter than seeing a newborn in a baby romper? Many parents love dressing their babies in rompers due to how convenient they are for changing diapers and how comfortable they make babies feel. Available in newborn sizes up to the age of 3 years, this is a great baby gift idea. 

In our own experience, we never felt like we had too many rompers for our baby. After all, with so many diaper changes and feeding accidents, your friend or family member will be changing their newborn multiple times in a day. Having a selection of baby rompers on hand at any time of the day can be extremely helpful. 

Shop our collection of baby rompers from brands such as Luca Elle and Mebie Baby. 


An image of a baby holding a teether

While teethers will not be used immediately, that doesn’t mean that your newborn gift basket can’t include products that will be appreciated a few months down the road. Teethers are ideal for helping to soothe a baby’s irritated gums at the first sign of their teeth coming up. 

At Luca Elle, we stock a range of non-toxic, food-grade silicone teethers from brands such as Mushie and Atelier Au Nur. Browse our teether collection online today.  

Hats & Headwraps

An image of a baby wearing a Mebie Baby Knot Hat

Newborn hats and headwraps have become very popular in recent years among new parents. The reason for this? Because they are just too cute to ignore! While they are great for adding a finishing touch to any outfit, these baby gifts also serve a purpose. 

For example, the Mebie Baby Knot Hats are ideal for keeping a newborn baby’s head warm and skin protected. The skin on a newborn baby’s head can be very sensitive so by wrapping it in a soft, cozy material you can make sure that they are warm from the tips of their toes to the top of their head. 

Available in a range of colours and styles, hats and headwraps make the perfect addition to any baby gift basket. Browse our collection of baby hats and head accessories

Sleep Sacks

An image of a wearing being wrapped inside a sleepsack

During the newborn stage, many first-time parents are opting to use sleep sacks when tucking their child in bed at night. A favoured alternative to using lots of blankets, this product helps a baby to sleep snugly while also preventing the risk of SIDS. 

Our babe is no stranger to sleep sacks. One of the favourites that we use is the Gunamuna Swaddle Sleep Bag Premium Duvet Sack. Keeping a baby swaddled and snug at the same time, this is the ideal sleep sack for newborn babies and onwards as they continue to grow. Available in different patterns and sizes. 

Pacifier Clips & Cases

An image of a baby with a pacifier clip in its hand

Pacifiers are just one of many products that a first-time parent will need as their child begins to develop. However, what is a pacifier if it doesn’t have a clip or a case? 

All parents will know that trying to keep track of their baby’s pacifiers can be a nuisance. That’s why adding pacifier clips into a newborn gift basket will be an extra special gift for parents. These cute little accessories can be easily attached to a baby’s clothing and come in a variety of shapes and colours.

Additionally, a pacifier case such as the Mushie Pacifier Holder Case will make sure that any pacifiers not being used are safe and clean. 

Cuddly Toys

An image of a baby surrounded by Cuddle + Kind cuddly toys

You want to spoil the new arrival with a cuddly toy? Of course, you do! I think we can all agree that we all had a favourite cuddly toy or teddy bear when we were growing up. 

Stuffed toys can provide babies with a sense of security and comfort. They’ve also been known to help them learn how to self-soothe and develop social skills. 

Here at Luca Elle, we are particularly fond of the Cuddle + Kind range of stuffed animals such as Elliott the Fawn. Another great toy brand that creates organic toys is Senger Naturwelt. Their Cuddly Animal Goose teddy is ultra-soft and is made using cotton and lambswool. You can remove the teddy’s belly and heat it up for extra warmth and comfort. 

For a wider selection of stuffed animals to include in a newborn gift basket, view our toy collection

Find the Perfect Newborn Baby Gifts With Luca Elle Boutique 

At Luca Elle Boutique, we have everything that a parent and newborn baby could ever need. From the basics such as baby clothing to loveable gifts such as a unique headwrap or a cuddly teddy bear, there are so many products to choose from.

Need help putting together a newborn gift basket? No problem! We’ll be more than happy to give you some inspiration and guidance. Feel free to contact us today with any questions you might have.

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