Reasons Why Knotted Baby Gowns Are Practical for Newborns

An image of Mebie Baby’s knotted baby gown range

A knotted baby gown is soft, comfortable, and provides plenty of stretch for growing babies. Meaning they are ideal for newborns. The tie feature at the bottom provides great access for diaper changes. Yet, it also means that you don’t have to worry about sizing too much - especially if you want this to be your newborn baby's coming home outfit. 

Let's talk about the top reasons why baby sleepwear essentials like these are practical for newborns. We also feature some of our favourites that you can shop online with Luca Elle Boutique. 

Knotted Baby Gowns Are Loved by Parents

As parents of a newborn baby, you’ll more than likely be researching which sleepwear options are best for your baby. While sleepwear material will play a role, you must also think about style. We’ve all seen the debates about whether zippers, snaps, or buttons are best for babies. 

Yet, these aren’t the only options for your newborn. A knotted baby gown can be a great alternative for parents that are searching for secure and comfortable sleepwear. These items of clothing are getting glowing reviews from parents already. They deliver exactly what they promise. 

Knotted baby gowns are designed to replicate the comfort that a sleep sack or onesie provides. The sack style keeps your baby comfortable and warm without feeling too restricting on their skin. For your newborn, a knotted baby gown can help to imitate the environment of the womb - this will help them fall asleep easily in the first few months. 

Top Practical Reasons Why Knotted Baby Gowns Are Great for Newborns

Most of all, parents love putting their newborn baby in a knotted baby gown because they are practical. When our baby was a newborn, practicality was high on our list of must-haves when it came to clothing. Below are the top reasons you'll not regret getting a knotted baby gown for your child. 

#1 - Uninterrupted Sleep 

The first few weeks of a child's life can be tough on both parents and newborns. All babies go through an adjustment period when they are born. After all, they spent nine months safe and cozy inside your womb and now they need to get used to the world. This adjustment period affects sleep schedules - yours and theirs. 

The last thing you want to do as a parent is disturb your newborn while they're sleeping. Yet, you’ll have to change their diaper. With a knotted baby gown, the design means that it is simple to access your baby's diaper without too much fuss. No buttons need to be snapped nor do you have to worry about zippers getting stuck.

Just untie, change their diaper, re-tie, and you're done. Great for providing your newborn with uninterrupted sleep. 

#2 - Gentle Fabric

There is nothing worse than your baby’s skin feeling irritated or itchy. That is why many knotted baby gowns are made using materials that will be soft and gentle on a newborn’s skin. 

You may already know that a baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive during the first few months of their life. You should only choose baby sleepwear options that are soft, breathable, and comfortable against their skin. 

#3 - Style and Substance

Knotted gowns for babies are practical but they are also guaranteed to be stylish. While you may have sacrificed substance for style years ago when it came to clothing, that’s not the case anymore. 

Many baby clothing brands deliver style and quality when crafting baby clothing items. A knotted baby gown is no different. Looking for neutral tones to have in their closet or want patterns to match their already shining personality? You’ll find a knotted baby gown option that is perfect for your baby. 

Knotted Baby Gown Favourites: Mebie Baby

At Luca Elle Boutique, one of our favourite brands for knotted baby gowns is Mebie Baby. Below, we’re sharing a selection of their gorgeously crafted and stylish knotted gowns for babies. 

Stretch Knot Gown in Dusty Rose

baby in knot gown

Known for providing great stretch and comfort, the Stretch Knot Gown in Dusty Rose is the ideal sleepwear outfit for your little baby. Made with the same fabric used for stretch swaddle blankets, this knotted baby gown is available in various colours and is suitable up to the age of 3 months. We also have knotted hats and headbands to match. 

Stretch Knot Gown in Olive Pine

knot gown

For those parents that love print, the Stretch Knot Gown in Olive Pine is a particular favourite of ours. Ideal for all newborn babies, the pop of colour and the adorable design ticks both the style and substance boxes. Mebie Baby designs these knotted baby gowns to be soft, comfortable, and undeniably stretchy. Available in sizes 0 - 3 months, we’ll guarantee that your baby will sleep easily in this knotted baby gown. 

Find the Perfect Sleepwear For Your Baby With Luca Elle Boutique

Searching for the ideal sleepwear for your newborn? Look no further than Luca Elle Boutique. We have a large selection of gorgeous sleepwear options for babies from a handful of the best baby brands in North America and beyond. Shop baby sleepwear online with us today!

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