The Best Mom Bags to Help You Do it All

The best mom bags help you to do it all. They are durable, have ample storage for all your baby's items, and most importantly, these bags are stylish. There is nothing worse than needing multiple bags to carry everything your baby needs: diapers, wet wipes, baby teethers, bibs, breast pumps, changing mats…the list goes on. That's why we’ve put together a selection of the best bags for moms that will carry all your baby essentials.  

Say Goodbye to Boring Diaper Bags

We've all seen women searching through overflowing diaper bags, looking for their baby's pacifier at restaurants or shopping malls. These bags may have seemed a bit chaotic and disorganized. But, the reality is you need a lot when you are on the go with your baby. 

Many new moms think they need to trade in their collection of stylish handbags for a plain, bulky diaper bag once their baby arrives. This doesn't have to be the case. Many baby brands have paved the way for a chicer design of mom bags. A mom bag should provide the same functionality as a diaper bag but with a fashionable twist. 

Available in various styles, you no longer need to dread carrying a boring diaper bag over your shoulder. Mom bags are the new fashion accessory you'll be glad that you're not missing out on. 

Features of a Great Mom Bag

So, what are the features of the best mom bags? Besides the obvious of needing plenty of pockets and compartments, there are lots of extra 'nice-to-haves' that make being a mom on the go so much easier. From a built-in laptop sleeve for mompreneurs to an insulated pocket for keeping your baby's bottle at the right temperature.

These are some of the features to look for when buying mom bags: 

  • Strap design: Consider whether you would prefer a backpack that offers two straps or if you're looking for a crossbody option. Thankfully, many brands design bags for moms that vary in style, including shape, colour, and strap design.
  • Easy to clean: Even the best mom bags are prone to getting dirty with a bit of baby food (or something worse). That's why they need to be easy to clean. Materials such as nylon and leather are easy to wipe down and remove stains. 
  • Durable: Mom bags will have to face a lot of wear and tear, especially as they will be stuffed with so many baby essentials. The best mom bags are made from superior materials that ensure longevity - guaranteeing that your bag won't burst when you add an extra few diapers in.
  • Easy to organize: The last thing you need when your baby is having a meltdown is to spend five minutes searching for a pacifier. The best mom bags have roomy pockets and easy-to-open compartments that you can use for dedicated items, e.g., keys or teethers. This will make it much easier for you to stay organized. 
  • Can be attached to strollers: Having the option to secure your bag to your stroller's handlebar can be a godsend, especially if you are taking your baby grocery shopping. Many tote bags or handbags for moms come with specialized straps for safely securing them to your stroller. 

Best Mom Bags & Accessories to Help You Do it All While Feeling Chic

At Luca Elle, we believe that moms should look as stylish as their babies do. That's why we sourced a collection of mom bags from brands such as Studio Noos and ToteSavvy. These bags are designed to be functional while also providing that chic feeling that many women don't want to lose when they become a parent. 

ToteSavvy - Deluxe Almond

The ToteSavvy Deluxe mom bag insert

The ToteSavvy Deluxe Almond organizer insert can turn any handbag into the best mom bag you'll ever own. This bag insert features over ten multi-use pockets, including a laptop sleeve for a 13-inch laptop, a cooler pocket with a zipper, and a rolled mat. 

Made with nylon, this removable insert is ideal for those moms on the go that like to use different handbags depending on their outfit or that need to have space for their laptop when switching in and out of mompreneur mode.  

Atelier Au Nur - Zipper Pouch

 The Atelier Au Nur Zipper Pouch

Studio Noos - Faux Fur Mom Bag

The Studio Noos Faux Fur Mom Bag

The Studio Noos Faux Fur Mom Bag adds that extra little bit of spice to the original diaper bag. Designed with straps that can easily be attached to your stroller, this mom bag is perfect for your family adventures. Chic, stylish and functional this bag is both style and substance. Available in a range of colours, this is the ideal bag for moms looking to elevate their style. 

Check out our mama collection for more essential items designed with moms in mind. From self-care products to matching mama and mini clothes, moms deserve to treat themselves to stylish items too. 

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