Is a Portable Baby Changing Mat Worth It?

A portable baby changing mat is great for emergency diaper changes while on the go

Is a portable baby changing mat or changing pad worth it? In our opinion, it is! These products are designed to travel with you wherever you and your baby go. So, no matter if there’s a last-minute diaper emergency in a grocery store or at the grandparents’ house, you can do a diaper change with ease. 

On Diaper Duty? You Need a Baby Changing Mat

Baby changing mats are a must-have item for parents. Back in the old days, using just a towel or a blanket might have sufficed, but that’s not the case anymore. Changing mats and pads make diaper duty a breeze - or at least more convenient for you and your baby. 

Here’s the truth: babies need their diapers changed a lot. Most parents can expect to change a newborn’s diaper between 10 and 12 times a day. As your little one gets older, this number will decrease but remain a main daily activity. While your changing table may do the trick when you’re at home, it’s a different story when you’re on the go or traveling. 

That’s why investing in a changing mat or pad - especially a portable one - makes a lot of sense for parents. After all, you’re going to be using it for years to come. The great news is that most baby changing mats on the market are affordable, stylish, and multi-purpose. It can be used to change your baby’s diaper or as a playmat on a flat surface. 

Benefits of Having a Portable Changing Pad or Mat

Ever have a diaper emergency and need to use a gas station’s changing table? We’ve all been there, and unfortunately, not every public diaper changing station is the most sanitary. Having a portable changing pad or mat that you can use will protect your baby from messy surfaces - and surfaces from a messy diaper. 

Portable diaper changing pads and mats provide more benefits than that. Here are some of the benefits that we noticed when using a portable changing pad:

  • Comfortable on baby’s skin: Our baby had baby eczema, so we wanted a changing pad that wouldn’t irritate her skin during diaper changes. Many changing pads and mats are made using organic cotton - this material is ideal for sensitive skin. 
  • Safe to use: Security will always be top of mind for parents, especially if you have an active baby that likes to wriggle around during diaper changes. A baby changing mat is often designed with a safety strap to prevent the baby and mat from moving too much. 
  • Easy to clean: Diaper changing pads are designed with ease, especially when cleaning is involved. Any cloth changing pad covers are super absorbent and are machine washer-friendly. 
  • Travel-friendly: The last thing you need is a baby changing mat that is too bulky or takes up too much space. Portable versions can be easily folded and packed into a diaper-changing bag. Many have pouches for you to store wet baby wipes and spare diapers!

Convenience is always key whether you prefer a changing mat or a changing pad. Having a portable product will make a massive difference to you and your baby’s experience of diaper duty. 

Best Baby Changing Mats and Changing Pad Covers

We couldn’t write an article about the benefits of portable baby changing mats and pads without sharing our favourites. Brands such as Mushie, Atelier An.Nur and Mebie Baby have gorgeous options for you to choose from. 

Atelier An.Nur Midi Mat

Atelier An.Nur Midi Mat

The Atelier An.Nur Midi Mat is perfect for diaper duty, playtime and nap time. Made with organic materials, this baby changing mat features an ultra-soft top layer (great for baby’s skin) and a water-repellant bottom layer that prevents stains. Featuring convenient storage pouches, this portable changing mat is stylish, comfortable and timeless.

Mushie Portable Changing Pad - Roman Green

Mushie Portable Changing Pad - Roman Green

The Mushie Portable Changing Pad in Roman Green is made for parents that need to change diapers while on the go. Its soft quilted material provides extra comfort to keep your baby at ease while also being water repellent to minimize messes. You can easily pack this changing pad in your stroller or diaper bag, thanks to its compact shape.  

Mebie Baby Muslin Change Pad Cover - Wildflower

Mebie Baby Muslin Changing Pad Cover - Wildflower

If you prefer a diaper changing pad over a mat, then you need to have a selection of covers on hand in your nursery. This Muslin Change Pad Cover in Wildflower by Mebie Baby is luxuriously soft, available in many patterns, and easy to clean. The breathable fabric will be kind to your baby’s skin and will absorb any mess and mishaps. 

Mushie Extra Soft Muslin Change Pad Cover - Rainbow

Mushie Extra Soft Muslin Change Pad Cover - Rainbow

Mushie’s Extra Soft Muslin Change Pad Cover in Rainbow is another excellent option for parents. Made with 100% cotton, this changing pad cover will keep your baby warm and comfy during diaper changes, thanks to its breathability. This baby changing pad cover features an elasticated band making it easy to remove and clean. 

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