5 Baby Blankets For the Modern Nursery in 2022

An image of a Mushie baby blanket hung over the side of a baby’s crib

Many parents like decorating their baby’s nursery with modern, chic furnishings. Your baby’s crib shouldn't be any different. Whether you’re in the nesting phase of pregnancy or are looking to give your nursery a mini makeover, choosing the right baby blankets can make a big difference. In this article, we will list the top baby quilts and blankets that will blend seamlessly into a modern nursery. 

What are the Best Baby Blankets & Quilts On the Market?

Your newborn will undoubtedly spend a lot of its first few months in the world sleeping. For that reason, parents should be choosing baby blankets and quilts that are not only stylish but functional. 

While aesthetics are important, the best blankets for babies need to have the right material, should be comfortable, and meet safety requirements. 

Choose a baby quilt that is made with your baby’s skin in mind. Many newborns have very delicate and sensitive skin after birth. That means their baby blanket or quilt can’t be either too harsh or too soft. The best baby blankets are often made with 100% organic cotton which is generally advised for any baby sleepwear or bedding. 

Your next consideration should be safety. Unlike adults, babies don’t know when their bedding is not providing enough breathability. That’s why you should always choose a baby blanket that is considered safe for your little one. Make sure to avoid any blankets or quilts that feature too many ribbons or loose tassels as these could cause your babe harm.  

Lastly, the best baby blankets are super comfortable. Many parents use these items not just for their baby's crib but also for car seats and strollers - meaning they have to be comfy enough to allow your baby to sleep no matter where they might be. By buying a blanket that is made using soft and breathable materials you can guarantee that your babe will always be extra cozy. 

Best Baby Quilts in Canada

A quality baby blanket will be able to last until your child is in their preschool years - and sometimes even beyond that. While there are a lot of options to choose from, we’ve rounded up some of the best high-quality baby blankets on the market. 

Knitted Ribbed Baby Blanket

The Mushie Knitted Ribbed Baby Blanket is the perfect everyday staple for modern parents. This organic blanket is completely versatile and can be used in the car, stroller, or crib. Available in a beautiful neutral shade that will go with any colour scheme, this baby blanket is ultra-soft, durable, and oh so comfortable. 

Knitted Textured Dots Baby Blanket

Looking for something with a little more texture to bring an added level of style to your baby’s nursery? Then this Mushie Knitted Textured Dots Baby Blanket is the perfect option for you. Made using the softest of organic cotton, this baby blanket is available in four adorable colours giving you plenty of styling options. 

Warm and breathable, these baby blankets are carefully handcrafted in India and are sized perfectly for keeping your babe nice and comfy as they snooze. 

Knitted Confetti Baby Blanket

These baby blankets and quilts from Mushie scream boho chic. Available in an array of gender-neutral colours, the Knitted Confetti Baby Blanket is a great way of adding flecks of colour into your baby nursery while still keeping a neutral colour palette. Like Mushie’s other baby blankets, this blanket is made using organic cotton and promises next-level comfort for your child - on warm and cold days. 

Muslin Quilt Blanket

muslin blankets

Having a modern nursery doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from colour. Sometimes the best baby blankets feature the most beautiful designs and colours. Mebie Baby is one brand that is not afraid to play with colourful patterns when it comes to baby quilts. Their Muslin Quilt Blanket is an example of this. 

Available in several cute patterns depending on your colour preference or baby’s personality, this baby quilt is made using 4-layer organic cotton muslin ensuring that it will be extra comforting on your baby's sensitive skin. Use it for covering them after a nighttime feed or during a long car journey, this baby quilt will soon become an everyday essential you won’t want to live without. And as an added bonus, the more you wash these blankets, the softer they get.

Waffle Quilt Blanket

Last but not least is the gorgeously soft Waffle Quilt Blanket by Mebie Baby. Made using a bamboo and cotton blend, this will be the perfect addition to your home. An ideal newborn baby gift to receive, any parent will love to wrap their baby (and themselves) up in this ultra-comfortable blanket. 

Great for nap time and for keeping your baby warm during skin-to-skin, you’ll only be sorry that you didn’t buy this baby blanket in multiple colours. 

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