Luca Elle’s Buying Guide to Baby Crib Sheets

For parents looking for a safe, comfortable sleeping environment for their little ones, baby crib sheets are key. When we’re planning what we'll need for our baby's nursery, all the focus is on the bigger items: crib, dressers, a nursing chair, etc. Yet, crib sheets are equally important. 

Wondering where to start when buying crib sheets? Since we know a few things about the best baby bedding, we've put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you find the best baby crib sheets. 

Why Do Babies Need Crib Sheets? 

Crib sheets provide the comfort and warmth that your baby needs to get a good night's sleep. It’s a common mistake for new parents to think that a typical fitted sheet or a blanket will suffice. But, this isn't the case. Adding too much bedding or loose accessories to the crib could harm your child. 

Baby crib sheets are designed to perfectly fit the crib's mattress and are typically made using organic materials. We recommend choosing baby bedding made from organic fabrics such as muslin or linen. These materials are safer for your baby's delicate skin and don't contain harmful chemicals or toxic dyes. 

These bedding items also add an extra layer of personality to your nursery. Many baby brands such as Mushie are known for their colourful patterns and designs. Crib sheets are an excellent way for parents to add to the aesthetics of their baby's nursery. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Crib Sheets

Baby crib sheets buying guide

Buying crib sheets can be a bit of a minefield - especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Safety will always be your primary goal when buying baby products. With that in mind, the top factors you should consider are fit, breathability, and durability. 


Babies move around a lot as they sleep. For this reason, you need to buy baby crib sheets that provide a tight fit to your child's mattress. If the sheet is too loose, it could easily bunch up around your baby as they sleep - a common risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

According to the CPSC, standard crib mattresses measure 28 inches x 52 inches and should be no more than 6 inches thick. When buying crib sheets, make sure that their sizing is reflective of your baby's mattress, and they are made using durable elastic straps. 


There is a reason why we recommend buying organic baby crib sheets. It's not because they are more eco-friendly (although this is a major plus). Sheets that are made using organic fabrics provide better breathability. 

Parents should think about baby bedding the same way they do about baby clothes. Fabrics such as organic cotton or muslin provide a better airflow. As babies can't regulate their body temperature easily, they become very hot when lying in their cribs. Breathable fabrics help wick away any sweat and cool your little one down. 


It is guaranteed that you will be changing your baby's crib sheets a lot! All parents should be aiming to change baby crib sheets a few times a week, especially during the newborn stage. Because of this, you'll need to ensure any crib sheets that you buy are durable and of great quality. 

Buying baby bedding from a high-quality brand gives you peace of mind knowing that the products will keep their structure, colour, and comfort for longer. After all, who wants to be buying new baby crib sheets every week?    

Baby Crib Sheet Collections: Mebie Baby and Mushie

At Luca Elle Boutique, we would be lost without ultra-soft, breathable baby crib sheets. It was one of the first baby items we put on our wish list when we learnt that we were expecting again. 

The brands that we trust most for baby bedding are Mebie Baby and Mushie. Their lines of baby crib sheets provide next-level safety and comfort to your child's bed. Here are some of our favourite crib sheets:

Muslin Crib Sheets - Sahara

Muslin crib sheets - Sahara

Mebie Baby's muslin crib sheets are ideal for parents looking for breathable, soft, and colourful sheets. Made with 100% organic cotton, these baby crib sheets are guaranteed to be gentle on babies' skin and are easy to wash. The Muslin Crib Sheets in Sahara is a particular favourite of ours. 

Extra Soft Muslin Crib Sheets - Tradewinds

Extra soft muslin crib sheets by Mushie

Mushie also has a line of muslin crib sheets that promise to be breathable while also providing your child with warmth and comfort. The Extra Soft Muslin Crib Sheets in Tradewinds are 100% organic cotton. They are pre-washed to be extra soft against your child's delicate skin. Designed to fit a standard size crib, these sheets come with fully elasticated corners for an extra snug fit. 

Stretch Crib Sheet - Plum

Mebie Baby stretch crib sheets

Mebie Baby's Stretch Crib Sheets are designed with baby safety in mind. These sheets comfortably fit a standard crib mattress while also ensuring that your child will feel comfortable as they sleep. Available in many colours and cute patterns, these baby crib sheets make the perfect addition to any nursery. 

Mini Crib Sheets - Blooms

Mushie mini crib sheets

For those parents that bought a mini-sized crib for their baby's nursery, these Mini Crib Sheets by Mushie are ideal. The muslin fabric is breathable, therefore, preventing your baby from overheating during the night. These sheets fit a crib mattress that measures 37.9 inches x 24 inches x 3 inches.

Baby Bedding: Not Just for Aesthetic Purposes

Parents should put as much thought into buying baby bedding as any other item for their child. Whether crib sheets or baby blankets, these products should be kind to your baby's skin, made with organic fabrics, and, most of all, safe. 

Here at Luca Elle Boutique, we make it our mission to provide parents with the best baby bedding and clothing. Browse our nursery collection today for the latest in baby crib sheets, swaddles, quilts and more.

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