Is Your Kid Ready to Start Feeding Themselves? You’ll Need The Best Toddler Cutlery

An image of a child using some of the best toddler cutlery when feeding himself

There comes a time in every parent's life when their child is ready to be an independent eater. When that time does come, you will need to have the right tools and utensils. Let us talk about the best toddler cutlery all parents should have. And why silicone cutlery comes highly rated.

How to Know Your Child is Ready to Feed Themselves

Is your baby starting to show signs that they want to take the next step in becoming a self-sufficient, functioning human? Is your child showing more interest in holding spoons and forks? Most children will begin to feed themselves with their fingers by eight months. But, it's not until your child is a toddler that they will be able to hit self-feeding milestones more confidently. 

The first real sign that your child is ready to self-feed is when they become disinterested in you holding the utensils. If your toddler is becoming more fussy or frustrated at mealtimes, this is their way of saying they want to self-feed. Starting to see these signs? Give them a spoon!

Although there will be a lot of mess when they first start using kids' cutlery, it is all part of the process. Over time, they will become more confident and independent at mealtimes. Yet, what does this mean for parents? It means you need to start investing in the best toddler cutlery for your little one. 

Why Silicone is Best for Kids Utensils

Most parents don't want their toddlers to use delicate plates or crystal glasses while learning to self-feed. That’s why a set of kids’ cutlery and utensils is the best choice for parents. Why is that? These products are durable, playful, and safe. 

Many parents reach for kids’ utensils made out of silicone. Yet, why is this material considered the best for toddler cutlery? Silicone is shatter-proof (an advantage when little hands use them) and is an FDA-approved food-safe substance. But, parents are advised to make sure kids’ cutlery uses food-grade silicone. 

Silicone toddler cutlery and utensils are also flexible, hypoallergenic, convenient, and easy to clean. Many of these baby products use fun colours and designs. This makes learning to eat by themselves fun and enjoyable. Even if they do happen to make a big mess at the same time! 

The Best Toddler Cutlery For Mealtime

Now that we understand why the best toddler cutlery is silicone, let us look at which types of kids’ cutlery and utensils your baby will need at mealtime. Below, we share our personal favourites!

Silicone Suction Plate in Cloudy Mauve

silicone suction plate

No mealtime is complete without a silicone suction plate like this one from the brand Mushie. The name of this kids’ utensil gives a hint about the product’s best feature: it's suction. When your toddler is learning to self-feed, their plate and food may move around a lot. To stop that from happening, this silicone plate securely keeps itself in place on the table - helping to minimize spills and mess. 

The plate also has three separate sections meaning you can easily divide your baby’s plate into separate food groups. 

Square Dinner Plates in Ivory

square dinner plate

As your child gets more confident and comfortable self-feeding, you might upgrade them to a Mushie Square Dinner Plate. Made from BPA-free materials, these kids’ utensils are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. The soft colours and the durable material means that these plates are microwave safe and easy to clean. 

Round Dinnerware Bowl in Vanilla

round dinnerware bowl

The best toddler cutlery set should always have a bowl or two. The good news is that Mushie’s Round Dinnerware Bowl ticks all the boxes of what your toddler needs when learning to be an independent eater. 

These bowls are designed to be deep (in the hopes of preventing too much mess) and are made with materials that are easily cleaned and durable. The round dinnerware bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Silicone Snack Cup in Natural

silicone snack cup

The next on our list of the best toddler cutlery is this Silicone Snack Cup by Mushie. The perfect size for little hands, this snack cup is designed to be used on the go. The top of this snack cup offers a clever spill-proof design. Made with soft materials, your toddler can easily slide their hand inside without the risk of their snack spilling all over the floor. 

Silicone Place Mat in Confetti

silicone place mat

Many parents love these silicone placemats by Mushie and wouldn’t have mealtimes without them. As your toddler transitions from sitting in a high chair to the table, having their seat at the table with a special silicone placemat makes them feel wonderful. 

Available in many playful designs, this silicone placemat will protect your table from any food spills. It can also be easily cleaned after their tummies are full. They also pair great with a silicone baby bib. 

Fork and Spoon Set in Cloud

fork and spoon set

Last but not least, no kids’ cutlery set is complete without a toddler-sized fork and spoon set. This is a true sign that your baby is growing up. Another design by Mushie, this cutlery set features wide, easy-to-grip handles that are hassle-free for your child to hold. Made with BPA-free materials, they are dishwasher safe making clean-up even easier. 

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