Baby Stacking Toys: Providing Developmental Benefits and More

When it comes to toys for young children, you can’t go wrong with baby stacking toys. These toys are highly engaging, but they also help babies reach important developmental milestones like learning how to grasp or solve problems. Below, we talk about the benefits of stacking toys and highlight some of our favourite baby toys from Mushie.   

Playtime for Babies: Why You Need to Consider What Toys You Give Them

As a parent, you will undoubtedly buy loads of toys for your child throughout their life. Dolls, puzzles, teddy bears, and LEGO® are just some of the toys that we all cherish from our childhood. But, toys serve more than one purpose - they are also a fantastic learning and development tool. 

Early childhood development experts encourage parents to make playtime a part of their baby’s daily routine. This is because baby toys offer many benefits to your child. Yet, different toys provide different benefits. For example, a teddy bear can help your baby build emotional skills as these toys promote emotional regulation. On the other hand, stacking cups and building blocks help to develop cognitive skills. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed searching for the right toy for your child, follow this rule of thumb: ask yourself how this toy will benefit your child from an early learning perspective.  

What Are the Developmental Benefits of Baby Stacking Toys?

Stacking toys are classics. They are very entertaining and are often cute enough to be used as decor for a nursery room. Yet, what are the developmental benefits of baby stacking toys? And why are they considered a must-have baby item?

Here are the main ways that baby stacking toys help your child to develop:

  • Hand-eye coordination: Playing with stacking toys or nesting cups requires children to learn how to create a relationship between what they see and their physical movements to complete an action, e.g., stacking one cup on top of the other.
  • Fine & gross motor skills development: Building blocks and stacking cups help your child to improve their fine and gross motor skills. They will need to make pinching grasps with their fingers to pick up a block while also reaching and crawling to grab the next piece they need. 
  • Problem-solving: Baby stacking toys help children learn about concepts such as height, balance, and order. As your baby plays with these toys, it will help them develop essential problem-solving skills as they figure out how to make their block tower even taller. 
  • Shape identification: Stacking toys come in various shapes and sizes, which is great for babies. As they pick up and inspect each shape, they slowly learn how to identify between a cube and a circle. 
  • Colour recognition: Similarly, stacking toys help your little one learn how to identify different colours. When playing with your child, start stacking all red blocks in one pile and yellow blocks in another. This will help them develop their understanding of colours.
  • Keeping the attention of young children can be challenging. Yet, stacking toys always seem to do the trick. Many children play with baby stacking toys from three months old until their toddler years. Yes, these toys make playtime tons of fun, but the developmental benefits your child receives are hard to ignore.  

    Best Stacking Toys for Babies

    Here at Luca Elle Boutique, we are big fans of stacking toys for babies. Our own baby loves playing with them too! When it comes to toys for babies, one of our favourite brands is Mushie. A brand focused on making high-quality, sustainable products, they have a beautiful collection of modern clothes and toys for children. 

    Stacking Rings Toy

    Mushie stacking rings

    Stacking Cups

    Mushie’s Stacking Rings Toy will make a gorgeous addition to any child’s playtime routine. These stacking toys are made from 100% non-toxic plastic and come in a set of 7 stacking rings of various sizes and colours. This toy’s whimsical design won’t get in the way of your child learning how to improve their fine motor and cognitive skills. 

    Mushie stacking cups

    The Mushie Stacking Cups are another excellent example of entertaining baby stacking toys that are also a valuable learning tool. Offering a modern design, this toy is suitable for ages 0 - 3 years old. Made using 100% non-toxic, BPA and PVC-free plastic, and since they are shaped like cups, they can nest together to make tidying up after playtime even easier. 

    For more toy ideas that will keep your little one happy while also providing great learning opportunities, check out our baby toys collection on Luca Elle Boutique.

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