5 Ways You Should Be Using Baby Swaddle Blankets But Aren’t

Swaddle blankets can do it all! While it is traditionally used to stop your little ones from tossing around in their sleep, there are so many creative ways that parents can utilize these baby essentials. For our babies, a swaddle became our parenting multi-tool and was a must-have in our diaper bag. 

Below, we’ll be sharing our top five favourite ways of using swaddles that you haven’t thought of yet. 

Baby Swaddle Blankets: Why They Can Do No Wrong

Wrapping your baby up like a cute little package isn’t just so that they look adorable while they are sleeping. Newborn swaddles offer multiple benefits for babies and parents alike. 

While the art of swaddling may take time to get used to (especially after those 3 am feeds), being able to wrap your child in a cozy and soft material is a wonderful feeling for them and you. This baby essential helps your newborn to feel safe and secure as they get used to life outside the womb. 

Baby swaddle blankets are also extremely versatile and lightweight. Many brands make these products from natural materials that will comfort your child without irritating their skin. At Luca Elle Boutique, we are particularly fond of muslin swaddle blankets

5 Ways to Use a Swaddle Blanket (That Isn’t Swaddling)

baby swaddle blankets

Swaddles are the swiss army knife of parenting tools and a must-have baby product for parents. Forget your changing pad? No problem. Can’t find your baby’s bib? It’s got you covered. 

Here are a handful of ways that parents can start using baby swaddle blankets today. 

Nursing Cover

Nursing covers can be quite bulky and heavy causing both you and your baby to sweat when breastfeeding in public. By packing a breathable muslin swaddle in your diaper bag, you can easily throw the swaddle over your shoulder and nurse your baby snuggly while having all the privacy that you could ever want. 

Due to its lightweight material, the blanket can be neatly packed away once your baby’s tummy has been satisfied. 


These products make a great travel playmat. As swaddles have a large surface area, you can easily spread them out on the floor and lay your baby down on it when it is tummy time. This saves parents the need to bring a playmat with them every time that they are visiting grandparents or going on vacation. 

Baby swaddle blankets also are perfect playmat options for older children too. So, once your baby has transitioned from tummy time to sitting up and crawling, you can still rely on a swaddle to be a comfortable play zone. 

Burp Cloth

Every newborn parent needs a burp cloth. It will become a non-negotiable item as part of your baby’s daily routine - take it from us. A muslin swaddle blanket is a great tool to have when burping your baby. The nice soft surface means your baby has a comfortable place to rest their head as the material won’t irritate their skin.

Swaddles also wash and dry easily so no need to worry about your baby spitting up all over them. 

Changing Pad

Need a makeshift changing pad? We have used muslin swaddles when our babies needed a last-minute diaper change while out and about. Not only do they provide a soft surface to place your baby down on but they make public diaper changing tables warmer for your baby’s sensitive skin and are more hygienic. 

Stroller Cover

Not all strollers come with shade covers and if they do, oftentimes the cover doesn’t fully block out all the light. If you find that your babe gets woken up by the sunlight when out for a stroll, throw your baby’s swaddle blanket over for extra coverage.

This will protect your baby from the sun while still letting enough air through to keep your baby nice and comfortable as they nap. 

Shop the Best Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets in Canada 

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If you can’t tell already, we are big fans of swaddles (Luca included). Luca Elle Boutique is proud to stock a variety of the best muslin swaddle blankets in Canada from beautiful baby brands such as Mebie Baby, Mushie, Atelier au Nur, and Luca Elle. Browse our selection of baby swaddle blankets today.

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