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Sherpa Teddy Mom Pouch

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Studio Noos sherpa teddy mom pouches are lightweight and easy to take on the go whether it’s for diapers, wipes, or soothers. The small soft sherpa teddy mom pouch is comfortable and perfect for any occasion. One of the best accessory purchases you can make for your baby or toddler, these sherpa teddy mom pouches are now available in Canada & the USA and on sale to buy.

Sherpa Teddy Mom Pouch Fabric: 98% Handmade Polyester (Oeko Tex Certified), 2% Wool

Sherpa Teddy Mom Pouch Size: 9cm x 24cm x 9cm

Sherpa Teddy Mom Pouch Washing: Cold Water

Sherpa Teddy Mom Pouch Drying: Hand Dry

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