Seeker Boots (Tan)

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Seeker Leather Boots

It's all in the details

Our signature buttery soft waxed leather

Lightweight leather boot for little feet 

Pull tabs, elastic, and zip for ease of wear

Different soles for different ages and needs:

Soft Sole - Full leather and completely flexible sole, the best for our new walkers

Mixed Sole - Mixed soft leather and rubber sole. Rubber at ball and heel of foot (high wear areas), soft leather in between. Best of both worlds for our walkers that are really getting about, but who still need that extra flexibility

Rubber Sole - Flexible, lightweight and sturdy rubber sole with lots of grip.


 Size Age (approx)

Measurement (heel to toe)



6-12 months 11.8 cm Soft

12-18 months

12.6 cm Mixed
5 18-24 months 13.4 cm Mixed
6 2 years old 14.2 cm Rubber
7 2 to 3 years old 15.0 cm Rubber
8 3 years old 15.8 cm Rubber
9 3 to 4 years old  16.6 cm Rubber

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