Cuddly Elephant Small

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Senger Naturwelt is an organic toy brand, founded by Sabine and Volker Senger. All products are handmade in Germany. Senger Naturwelt stands for loving craftsmanship, high quality materials and a beautiful finish, sustainable production is one of Senger's deep-rooted principles. Senger uses only sustainably produced natural materials of the highest standard for its special cuddles.

This cute cuddly animal elephant is filled with a pillow made out of cherrystones - you can take the pillow out using the zipper, heat it up in the oven or put it in the freezer to cool parts of the body. The head and feet of the cuddly elephant are filled with lambswool and the skin is made out of cotton.

  • Material: Cotton, Lambswool
  • Dimensions: 35 x 20 cm

How to use the warming pillow:

Remove the pillow from the belly by using the zipper. Preheat the oven to 75°C and place the spelt or cherrystone pillow in the oven. Heat the pillow for 10-15 minutes and wait to feel if the pillow is not too hot. Then you can put the pillow back into the cuddly elephant. Ready to use. You can also heat the pillow on the radiator or in the microwave. Microwave: 500-600 watts 1 minute per side.

Care instructions:

Since these animals are filled with pure virgin sheep's wool from the Eifel region, we generally recommend hand washing with mild detergent or wool detergent. Unfortunately, the little ones do not tolerate heavy spinning, because this leads to irrevocable clumping of the wool.

The water temperature should not be too high and a lot of water should be used. So you can then dissolve a little wool detergent and then loosely move the little animal in it. Before you do this, however, you should still soak it with clear water of the same temperature.




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